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Responsive Design

Responsive design for all devices – use the system on any device such as Apple, Android, PC devices with a web browser. No software to install.


The intuitive user interface makes it easy to get started with automatic population of data and drag and drop functionality. Templates reduce double entry and include the ability to select and create capability frameworks.

Job Board

Full job board functionality with built in careers page. Applicants can search and apply for advertised roles as well as sign up for ongoing job alerts via email or SMS.

Approval Process

Complete Approval to recruit process allowing hiring managers to request and gain approval to recruit through a delegated approvals process. Full electronic reminder system via email or SMS.

Social Media Enabled

Engage with potential candidates through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and hundreds of other social networking sites and Job boards. Post YouTube videos about your organisation, or specific positions.

Easy-to-use Dashboard

Dashboard design allows hiring managers to directly search for candidates with required talent with a visual overview. All screens are easy to navigate allowing users to interact with little or no training.

Inbuilt Form Builder

An inbuilt form builder allows clients to build and make on the fly modifications without the need to engage with Mercury – Use the system to record and store any required data on candidates and employees. Build new forms that trigger workflow such as reminder dates and approval processes.

Interface with fit2work

A fit2work police check is integrated in to application process – candidates can provide consent for a national/international fit2work police and visa check as part of their job application. Once they become recommended for the role, the check is automatically sent for processing and the result forms part of the applicant profile managed in a central location.

Online 24/7

Entire application process can be managed online with inbuilt tools for bulk recruitment drives, such as a speed reader resume mode which opens candidates applications one after the other automatically directly within the web browser.

Applicant Management

Fully integrated job board captures all required approval workflows. Advanced candidate screening tools to create, search and retain talent. Suitable for high and low volume candidate management.

Dynamic Records

Full employee record allows capture, report on and maintainence of critical information (including communication, interactions, personal details, issued equipment and training records) for each employee in the organisation. Complex forms can be built with the Form Builder, allowing employees to maintain their own data.

Org Charts

Organisation Chart and Position Management gives an overall picture of your workforce, and allows data to be imported from existing payroll/HRIS systems and maintained. All data gathered within the system can then be sent back to payroll/HRIS system to automate and reduce double entry of data.

Talent to Skill Set Matching

Actively manage and automatically match talent based on required skills, qualification, experience and position descriptions for individual roles.
Manage casual and volunteer workforce with tools to Create sub pools of talent. Proactively identify and manage risk areas within the business.


Variations to employment typically out-number recruitment transactions 5 to 1. These changes typically require some degree of authorization, by using an inbuilt workflow requests are managed and are fully auditable. The workflow also includes generating a letter/new contract and can be sent to and accepted by the employee online.


Full reporting suite with custom reports, graphical drill down reports and save feature. Export data to a number of formats including PDF, Excel, CSV.


Integration with Mercury’s other products such as Performance and Credential streamline other essential recruitment and ongoing employee management processes.

On-Boarding Process

All data throughout the application process flows to an on-boarding module which allows the new employee to complete all required forms online. This includes; Contract signing, policy acceptance, induction, tax file declaration, bank details, training record, superannuation etc The list goes on. The system then sends data to relevant departments to ensure the staff member is ready from day one. This includes IT Access, security passes, equipment register and so on.

Termination & Off-Boarding

Termination and Off-boarding module allows an employee to complete an online resignation form and sends it to the appropriate department (i.e. Payroll). Generate a confirmation letter to the employee along with notifications to the IT/Security/HR departments outlining which equipment may need to be returned. An exit interview forms part of the process.

Developed and Supported in Australia

Our dedicated Australian based support team is available to answer any questions or provide guidance on best practices. Client user forums are held regularly to gain feedback and help guide product development.

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