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Ever forget what Star Wars figures you have and which you need? Ever have an issue remembering which Trooper is which?

Then, My Toy Box is what you want.

My Toy Box opens to a collectible view showing all of the Hasbro Star Wars Vintage, Power of the Force (II), Episode 1 - The Phantom Menace, The Force Awakens, Rogue One, Black Series 3.75" and 6", and The Last Jedi "Force Link" figures. An easy to see which figures you have and which figures you want. Easily switch between a picture view and an estimated value view.

Use the action figure filter menu and search bar to quickly find the figure that you want to view.

Get estimated values for "new" figures. You can also see "bagged", "loose complete" and "loose incomplete" estimated values. Get the estimated value of your entire collection or what you still want to find. Values are available in regional currencies using current exchange rates.

Tap on any action figure to see additional figure details and access additional photos. From the detail view, you can keep track if you want the figure, have the figure, and the count of each figure that you have.

Lose your phone? Break your phone? Want your data on your iPhone and iPad? We've got you covered! Your action figure details are stored in Apple's secure iCloud making the data available across all of your iOS devices. Internet unavailable? If you don't have access to the internet or don't have an iTunes account, not an issue. Your data is also stored locally on the phone.

See high resolution photos of each figure front view and other available package views where available. Click on the front photo or other photos to see high resolution details. Don't let those foreign counterfeit figures fool you any longer.

Find a figure at the store and cannot remember if you have it? Use the scan feature to scan a package UPC to quickly pull up the figure detail where you will see photos and your specific "Want it", "Have It" and count details.

Need a figure and just cannot seem to find it? Tap the eBay, Amazon button or magnifying glass to search Amazon, Walmart and eBay for the figure. Now there are more buying, price checking, and price matching options.

Have any feature enhancements that you would recommend? Don't like the way something works? Send us a note and we will see what we can do.

by Rudy written 20 days ago

YOUR Toy Box was greatly appreciated by our 4 year old son. He can't wait to see his next box. We even use it as an incentive to be good at school.

A great start...

by Erik written 5 months ago

I just received my first order from Toy Box. I received a Titanium Man action figure (Toy Biz, Iron Man, Series 3), but it had no accessories. I received a Conduit action figure (Superman: Man of Steel), with only the removeable helmet, not his other accessories. I received a Techno-Punch Terminator action figure (Kenner, Terminator 2), but without the accessories. Next, I received a plastic bag containing Magic: The Gathering trading cards. I also received a Legolas action figure (Lord of the Rings), a Wind-up Wario race car toy, a Micro Machines Star Wars: The Force Awakens blue X-Wing and a plastic bag that featured several weapon accessories, none of which belonged to the figures I received. However, I did find that one of the guns that was in this bag worked great for the Terminator action figure. I could complain, but to be honest, I did pick a large number of categories from the list and that provided me with a great deal of surprise when I opened my Toy Box. Some of it was good, some of it was bad. I am thankful for the Toy Biz Titanium Man, the Kenner T2 Terminator, Conduit, the MtG cards and the accessories. However, I would like to see more theme relation in the box and I would like to see the figures with their accessories as much as possible. It is hard to pose the figures correctly or to play with them properly without the correct accessories after all.

Awesome Toys

by Jason written 6 months ago

Got my first box last month, and I intend to stay with this subscription service as long as they are around. I got awesome stuff. ALL action figures, no PVC or glorified McDonalds toys like many people are saying. There is basic knowledge that is required to subscribe to this box however. Think about what you pick to come in your box. an example is, if you pick star trek, that is a very vague checkbox as you don't know what figure you will get, but it's fairly certainly going to be a figure as most of the Star Trek toys are figures, if you pick Star Wars however, u have to think about all the star wars merch out there, and you could be getting any of it. Think about if you pick Nintendo, you're almost certainly going to get a little PVC character as most older nintendo figures were that way and had little to no articulation. Just because it's something you like doesn't mean you should check the box for it when it comes to this toy box. just think about any possible result from your choices and pick the ones that best suit you. if you like PVC Nintendo might be the way to go, I like action figures, so I had to pick ones that almost certainly would be them. also, there is no harm in only having like 6 things checked, that's what I did.

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