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Computer Science Personal Statement 29

The applications of computing amaze me: from self-driving cars to the algorithms that check YouTube uploads for copyrighted content. But I am also excited by the subject’s foundation in logic and mathematics. These themes featured heavily at the UNIQ summer school where I studied optimisation of recursive mathematical algorithms implemented in Haskell. This experience, alongside the Harvard CS50 lectures, confirmed my desire to study computer science.

After engaging with low level data representation and computer architecture in AS Computing, I found reading 'The Pattern on the Stone' fascinating, in particular the example of abstraction in how Boolean logic can be implemented with mechanics or water pressure rather than electrical currents. I am interested in optimisation, whether examining others' Project Euler solutions, studying decision mathematics, or arranging my furniture to provide maximum floor space. Therefore, I am completing an extended project that investigates the efficiency of string search algorithms. This will enhance my research skills, as well as the independent study skills I developed through sitting A level Mathematics three years early. I am looking forward to being inspired by Stanford's online Artificial Intelligence course, not only because of the course content, but also due to its online approach to teaching and assessment.

I spent five weeks of the Summer working for a software consultancy company, developing a new PHP report generation system, using a Javascript graphing library. This showed me the reality of working life, in addition to technical considerations such as writing automated tests; working with object oriented code and using a range of programming languages. Utilising, I competed in the British Informatics Olympiad and came 17th in the National Cipher Challenge. Cryptography and steganography engage me because of their mathematical roots and wide ranging practical applications. I used Python to create an interface between Facebook APIs and the Ubuntu messaging menu and since open sourcing this project, I have supported users and considered interface design, accessibility and translation.

I have won five golds in the UKMT individual mathematics challenges and participated in team competitions and follow on rounds. I enjoy the logical, but somewhat creative, approach that is required. Similarly, I found ‘The Philosophy Gym’ by Stephen Law a compelling introduction to philosophical thinking which led me to read further around issues relating to ethics, freedom and paradoxes. I appreciated the use of a familiar environment to explore ideas in the essays in ‘Harry Potter and Philosophy’, but questioned some of the authors’ arguments. The Schools Mace debating competition taught me the importance of thorough research, a skill I employed whilst leading my school’s radio station and short film production team. My technical skills and awareness of copyright law were also developed by an enterprise challenge for which I created interactive, educational CD-ROMs. My team made £ and won first prize.

I created and administer the website for my flute choir. Performing as principal flautist in both the ****** Youth Orchestra and Wind Band requires me to lead a team. Rehearsing for difficult solos has taught me to work under pressure to a deadline. Attending several weekly rehearsals requires commitment and has improved my time management skills, balancing practice with academic work. Ten months after starting to play the bassoon I achieved a distinction at Grade 4, a feat I believe shows my ambition and self motivation.

I will bring my commitment and enthusiasm to every aspect of university life, and I look forward to being pushed beyond my comfort zone in the exciting field of computer science.

Universities Applied to:

  • Oxford University (Computer Science and Philosophy) - Offer (A*AA) Firm
  • Imperial College London (Computing) - Offer (A*A*AAa) Insurance
  • University of Bristol (Computer Science) - Offer (AAA)

Grades Achieved:

  • Mathematics (A2) - A*
  • Further Mathematics (A2) - A*
  • Additional Further Mathematics (AS) - A
  • Physics (A2) - A*
  • Computing (A2) - A*
  • Music (AS) - A
  • Government and Politics (AS) - A
  • Extended Project Qualification - A

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Computer Science Personal Statement 18

Being fond of problem solving, I have always been keen on computers as they allow problems to be solved efficiently and in ways that were never possible. In today's world, the study of computer science leads to everything from investigating the effects of global warming to predicting the effects of an economic downturn, or even the impacts of swine flu. Developing a deeper understanding in this area will hugely widen my horizon and will hopefully improve the way we use computers in the future.

My A-level subjects contribute to my knowledge of computing and how it can be applied. The study of mathematics equips me with the tools I need in order to become a progressive computer scientist. I also find the applications of calculus to be particularly interesting. Physics has taught me the electronics behind computers. Furthermore, it gives me an insight into the possible paths computer science could take in the future, like quantum computers. I am also investigating power consumption of loudspeakers at different frequencies for my practical work. Chemistry uses computers to perform researches and economics depends very much on computers to model statistics. Studying these subjects has helped me appreciate the importance of computer science, and the need to continue development in this area. Currently I take computing as an AS subject in year 13 and find it challenging as well as enjoyable, especially with Java programming and how computers actually process data.

I am really fascinated by the Internet. Its ability to connect information around the world together has led me to create my own website, where I make a collection of favourite quotations. Along the way, I have managed to learn HTML, how to host a website and how the Internet works. Being a member of the Quantum Mechanics Society and the Pythagorean Club has widened my perspective beyond classroom teachings. Quantum mechanics lectures have shown me secrets of our mysterious world and how they are about to change our understanding of it. Pythagorean lectures taught me how maths can be used to calculate unimaginable things like how a flu would spread, which is very useful when applied to real world situations, as the most appropriate response could be made.

Since being a teenager, I have always been interested in music and how it is able to alter our emotional states, making us cheerful, sad or relaxed with different genres. Thereafter I have always been an enthusiast in this area, trying to learn various instruments and listen to different types of music. At present I play the guitar, drums, saxophone and piano. Outside my academic studies, I am also a gold Duke of Edinburgh candidate. Having just done the practice expedition in the Yorkshire Dales, I realised just how much hard work it was. On the other hand, I am proud to have done it because it has trained me to be a more open-minded person in many ways. Trekking up steep mountains with a heavy rucksack on my back has made me realise the importance of teamwork and the support essential to keep going. In essence, it has taught me how to make the best out of the worst. Having finished my first year of sixth form abroad in the UK, I have learnt to live a more independent life, where managing time and planning ahead are crucial. I also had to adapt to a new environment, which is completely different to what I was familiar with. Though there have been some difficulties, in the end it has taught me many invaluable lessons including the ability to deal with problems wisely. I am also in the Tours Team in which I represent the School by introducing visitors to the school on open days. Being part of this team has improved my communication skill as well as being a more understanding person.

I pursue becoming a part of the expanding world of computer science because I believe it will be even more useful, if not essential, to our lives in the near future. Advances in computing will change how we live forever.

Universities Applied to:

  • Imperial College London (Computing) - Offer (A* in Maths + AA + Merit in Maths AEA) Firm
  • University College London (Computer Science) - Offer (A in Maths + AB) Insurance
  • University of Bath (Computer Science) - Offer (AAB)
  • King's College London (Computer Science) - Offer (ABB/AAC)
  • University of Edinburgh (Computer Science) - Offer (A in Maths + AB)

Grades Achieved:

  • Maths (A2) - A
  • Economics (A2) - A
  • Physics (A2) - A
  • Computing (AS) - B
  • Chemistry (AS) - B

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